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Our founding tenet is to bring you the best sleep experience possible, and foremost in that promise is enabling our customers to sleep with a clear conscience, knowing our products are sustainably sourced, and ethically made. All our products are certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 as free from harmful substances.

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Our mantra has always been to minimize our impact on the environment. This is foremost in our philosophy, which is why we believe bamboo is the best choice for textile products. Unlike cotton, silk, Lyocell, or Tencel, bamboo is self-sustaining and does not necessitate clear cutting of old-growth forests.

Although bamboo is already carbon offsetting, we cannot ignore the realities of globalization and climate change. To that end, since 2020, we have pledged to offset our carbon footprint through reduced use of plastic packaging, carbon-neutral shipping, and partnering with Green-e certified carbon offset providers to reduce our carbon impact to zero or less.

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Bamboo is actually not a tree, but a type of grass. It grows naturally in many climates without the need for fertilizer or pesticides. Unlike cotton, bamboo does not require re-planting every year and has a lower impact on the environment. In fact, as bamboo forests mature, they develop a large underground root system, known as a rhizome network, which sequesters carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and helps reduce global warming.

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Our pledge to the Earth extends to our use of only natural and reusable packaging when possible. Instead of a plastic zipper bag or plastic box, all our sheets are packaged in beautiful reusable pouches with hemp rope and button closures. All our printed and shipping materials are made from recyclable paper. We encourage all our customers to donate their unwanted bedding to their local shelter.

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